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BL high quality walking bag (+Hong Kong mask)

BL Premium Maternity Bag (+HK mask)

BL premium walker bag (partner bag) is suitable for UK hospital births. It contains essential maternity hygiene products for childbirth, baby diapers, wet wipes and personal cleaning supplies. Sanitary equipment is especially strengthened, and a sanitary bag is included, including three layers of Hong Kong-made level 3 masks (you can choose KF94 masks made in Korea for an extra fee), alcohol hand sanitizer, bagged tissues, and comfortable travel slippers. The extra-large capacity of the stretch tote bag can expand the bottom to increase the space to carry more personal and baby items. It also comes with side straps for easy portability.

As long as you add personal and baby clothes, you can easily enter the hospital for labor. Suitable for gift giving.


BL Premium Maternity bag prepacked in Hong Kong style. Suitable to use for labour and birth in UK. Maternity bag enclosed all  postnatal maternity necessity items, baby nappies, wipes and wash bag for grooming. Specially featured with hygiene bag includes individual packing of level 3 HK mask, alcohol gel rub, pocket tissue pack, spa slippers.

Expandable  bottom of bag to increase  rooms for any additionally clothes for mum and baby. Attached side straps for two-way carrying.


It is the best choice as a pre-packed bag for labour or send to  your best buddy as baby shower gift.

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Offer limited time offer: Peter Rabbit utility bag H28 x W26 cm

Limited free gift: Peter Rabbit tote bag H28 x W26cm

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Please add the items to the shopping cart first, then go to the <Additional Newborn Baby Blessing> column

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SKU: 217537123517253
VAT Included
  • Bag content (20 items):

    1. Expandable duffle bag, black, nylon, expandable (L55 x W23 x H44 cm) - 1pc
    2. LIL-LET Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings 10pcs/pk - 1pk
    3. LASINOH Disposable Nursing Pads - 10pcs
    4. Disposable postpartum mesh pants, size XL (for waist 31-43inch) - 3pcs
    5. PAMPIES Nappy size 0 (for <3kg) - 10pcs
    6. HUGGIES Pure Sensitives Newborn Wet Baby wipes 80wipes/pk - 1pk
    7. Baby Cotton Wool Pleat 1pk 
    8. Baby Cotton Wool Pads 1pk
    9. Disposable waterproof sheet 60x60cm - 3pcs
    10. Toothbrush - 1pc
    11. Toothpaste (100g) - 1tube
    12. Shower gel  - 1 tube
    13. Face  wash (50ml) - 1 tube
    14. Compressed face towel (35x28cm)- 1pc
    15. Tissue pack - 1pc
    16. Alcohol Hand gel (50ml) - 1bot
    17. Japanese tea bag filters 100pcs/pack
    18. Disposable slippers - 1 pair
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