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about Us

Every birth is the happiest and most unforgettable experience in life. From a wife to a mother, from a husband to a father, when you become pregnant, you not only experience changes physically, but also learn how to change into another new role psychologically.

We hope this website will share more pregnancy information in the UK , plus referrals from postnatal caregivers and professional teams, and wholeheartedly help you face the big changes in your life with ease.

If you live in the UK , can you take a minute to answer the following <Prenatal and Postnatal Needs Questionnaire>, let us know more

your needs.

About us

Child birth is one of the biggest life events which brings the most unforgettable memory in the family. A transformation in the life journey from the role of a wife and husband to be a mother and father. This challenging task needs a lot of support and encouragement .


By  sharing the professional perinatal information, in addition to the  doula (maternity care) and professional referral, we are here in UK, to support you in the transition as the new moms, dads and newborns. 

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Meet the Team

This is Bondslane Team. Our founder Karina and Clares.

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