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Hong Kong style maternity package-  for pregnant women
(according to anecdotal parenting website recommendations)

1. Prenatal examination documents and mode of delivery plan

2. Disposable mesh pants

3. Maternity pads or longer pads

4. Disposable Maternity Panties Breastfeeding Bust

5. Maternity breast pads

6. Paper towels, disinfecting wet wipes

7. Socks

8. Rinse the bottle

9. Toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, skin care products, combs, hair ties

10. Water bottle warmer + drinking tube  

11. Snacks (replenishing physical strength during maternity)

12. Eye mask & earplugs

13. Slippers

14. Hot and cold pads / postpartum ice packs

15. Windproof jacket, hat, mother discharge clothes

1. Production plan, hospital prenatal record

2. Replace 2 to 3 sets of loose and comfortable clothes

3. Comfortable support bra 2 to 3 pieces

4. 3 to 4 panties/disposable panties/net pants

5. Sanitary napkins with high absorption capacity / sanitary napkins for maternity (about 10 pieces)

6. Disposable breast pads (about 5 pairs)

7. Toothbrush toothpaste, towels, skin care products

8. Boredom reading or music player

9. Portable fans or spray water bottles for cooling off

10. Loose-fitting open-chested clothing (if selected for breastfeeding)

11. Morning coat, slippers

12. Healthy snacks, drinks

13. Pillows

14. Pain reliever TENS (for pain relief)

15. Take the medicine regularly

16. Waterproof mattress (about 3-5 pieces)

Hong Kong style maternity bag - for newborns
(according to anecdotal parenting website recommendations)

1. Newborn baby diapers

2. Baby wipes

3.BB discharge clothes + blanket

4. Infant car seat

British maternity bag - for newborns

(according to UK NHS advice)

1.Baby bodysuit, vest, full body pajamas

2. Baby clothes (for wearing at home)

3.Baby caps, gloves, socks, foot covers

4. Newborn diapers (about 10-20 pieces)

5. Wraps/Blankets

6. Gauze/saliva towel

7. Wet wipes for baby cleaning

8. Sanitary pads for cleaning baby's face (about 10 pieces)

9. Newborn baby car safety seat

Hong Kong-style British walking bag competition

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