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       加上我們的醫護背景,深知照顧別人,除了理論實踐,經驗和態度也很重要,因此促成了Bondslane這項服務的誕生。Bonds 代表了連結, 母親跟嬰兒的連繫,每個新生嬰兒的誕生也成為整個家庭的任務。Lane 意味著小徑和道路讓人們連結起來。我們希望陪月服務能為每個家庭輕鬆地迎接這個重大的任務。



Two founders of Bondslane, Karina & Clares, have extensive nursing backgrounds working both in the UK and Hong Kong. We identified the gap of service in public healthcare and the difficulties of new parents in taking on new roles with a lack of social and family support.

Bonds refer to the bonding between mother and baby. The birth of every baby gives new parents new roles and responsibilities. Lane refers to a road or a route which is an essential part of a network.

At Bondslane, we believe that sharing is caring, ​and focus on integrating knowledge and experience to give the best care. We firmly believe that sufficient rest, appropriate diet and psychological support speed up postpartum recovery. Our mission is to create a team of quality postnatal care workers to provide ongoing support to new mothers throughout their pregnancy journey. We wholeheartedly to encourage and support our workers to develop their careers in postnatal care.

We are passionate about empowering the family as a whole to look after and support each other's well-being whilst welcoming a new member to the family.

We strongly believe every mother should be looked after, regardless of colour or race. Our vision is to promote postpartum confinement care to different nationalities and raise awareness of the importance of physical care and psychological support for women after giving birth.


Meet the Bondslane Team

Karina Cheung


Karina 2.JPG

Registered Nurse in UK & HK

13+ Yr experience in specialty care

TQUK Diploma in Postnatal Care (Level 2)

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Clares Luk


Clares 2_edited_edited.jpg

Registered Nurse in UK & HK

23+ Yr experience in specialty care

Post natal Maternity Nurse (Level 4) UK

Qualified skills in:

TQUK Prenatal and Postpartum Breast Massage (Level 2)

TQUK Postpartum Belly Massage and Treatment (Level 2)

Nanny training: Developing Core skills and Knowledge (Level 3)

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Bonds Lane Logo 1.5B_final26Nov2021(PNG) - Copy.png

Reads your postnatal needs | Refers reliable postnatal workers | Reinforces to work legally
我們重視產後身心健康 | 轉介可靠陪月員| 支持合法就業

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